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Dr. Walters has been practicing as a Dentist for more than 25 years.

He has specialised in numerous areas on Dentistry, especially in implantology in which Dr. Walters is Master of Science Implantology, certified by the BDIZ.

Through continual vocational training the practice team is on a high level of technical ability in all new treatment methods.

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Dr. med.dent. Jens Walters M.Sc.

Dr. med.dent. Jens Walters M.Sc. Management

Focus of activity Implantology certified by the BDIZ

Team dentists & anesthetist

Cristiana Focseneanu

Cristiana Focseneanu · Dentist · Specialises in orthodontics · Master of Science in orthodontics, University Krems

Monica Stefan

Monica Stefan · Dentist

Christian Walters

Christian Walters Preparation Assistant

Dr. med. Matthias Brinkmann

Dr. med. Matthias Brinkmann Anesthetist

Thomas Potapski

Thomas Potapski Anesthetist

The laboratory

Rolf Lehwark

Rolf Lehwark Dental technician & laboratory manager

Ian Wavish

Ian Wavish Dental technician & tooth stylist

Adriana Gockel

Adriana Gockel Dental technicians

Reception & dental practice organization

Iris Knaden-Prasse

Iris Knaden-Prasse Dental practice organiser & MPG-Representative

Daniela Hunold

Daniela Hunold Rezeption & Datenschutzbeauftragte

Simone Igel

Simone Igel Rezeption


Michaela Böddicker

Michaela Böddicker Dental practice organiser & invoice calculation

Dental prophylaxis

Natalie Padberg

Natalie Padberg Prophylaxis assistant

Claudia Hanke

Claudia Hanke Prophylaxis assistant

Mandy Rabe

Mandy Rabe Prophylaxis assistant


Sabrina Schneider

Sabrina Schneider Quality management represantative Child dental hygienist & orthodontist

Practice Management

Anne Wigge

Anne Wigge Dental medical assistant & reception representative

Dental medicine assistance

Jasmin Becker

Jasmin Becker Oral surgical implantology assistant &

Daniela Altstädt

Daniela Altstädt Oral surgical implantology assistant & representative for hygiene

Veronika Klebert

Veronika Klebert Dental assistant

Sakana Kalananthan

Sakana Kalananthan Dental assistant

Lina Esau

Lina Esau Dental assistant

Cleaning & Service

Halina Grzenia

Halina Grzenia Cleaner & Service